Monday, February 23, 2009

Róisín Murphy + Moloko

I've loved Róisín Murphy ever since her days in Moloko. And I loved her first solo album, "Ruby Blue". But it was with her second solo album, "Overpowered", that I became a devout Róisín super fan. It blew me away like no album had done in a long time. If you haven't heard it... you really should. Here's a little megamix featuring the best of Róisín in Moloko and as a solo artist. Long live Miss Murphy.


1. The Time Is Now
2. Sing It Back (Mousse T ‘I Feel Love’ Remix)
3. Familiar Feeling (Timo Maas Main Mix)
4. Let Me Know (Joey Negro Destination Boogie Mix)
5. Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix)

Download: Róisín Murphy + Moloko Megamix


Michael said...

I've had a Moloko song all along and I had no idea!

Branden said...

Róisín Murphy you are in love with this person!