Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello, My Name Is German Bold Italic.

"German Bold Italic" is one of my very favorite Kylie Minogue songs. It's a collaboration with Towa Tei, formerly of Deee-Lite (GBI even contains a small sample of "Groove Is In The Heart"). The song itself is basically about a typeface. A non-existant typeface, at that! It's very different from any other Kylie song, and very rare to find as well. I LOVE the video for the song too. I love the song so much, I had THIS made.

"German Bold Italic" video directed by Stéphane Sednaoui (1998).


German Bold Italic
German Bold Italic (The Sharp Boys Deee-Liteful Dub)


Michael said...

This is so awesome! I died laughing when I watched the video. Groove is in the Heart is an amazing song too.

Dude, you blog so ridiculously often! It's crazy!

Love the shirt.

Julio Cesar said...

I love her in the video! So cute. My head is full of ideas, there's plenty more to come! I honestly go through so many fashions mags, movies and albums, I'm constantly inspired and excited about something. :)

Branden said...

This song is turning my night into something clever:

Michael said...

Keep 'em coming!

Branden said...

JC, I tried cutting my hair today. I managed a few snips before I suffered one terrible flashback after which i slowly set down the scissors and backed away.

What terrible flashback you ask?

Well you see this is what happens when I try to cut my own hair, are you ready?

Yes I end up just shaving everything off until only a ridiculous patch of hair remains and I'm wearing hats for the next two months.

I hate you.

adumbum said...

I LOVE this. I'd never heard it before. Thanks so much!