Thursday, February 26, 2009

Work It

I just love Fritz Helder & The Phantoms. Their debut album is the perfect getting ready music for a night out. So throw on some glitter and strut your stuff.

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms - Making A Scene

Download: Making A Scene (Al-P Remix)


Branden said...

lol "that coach bag. that's so last season."

i see so many girls with that bag. good music. i love the bassline.

Garrett said...

do you have their album?

Julio Cesar said...

Yes indeed Garrett, and it's so good. I also have digital versions of the "Making A Scene" and "Lagerfeld Lady" singles.

Garrett said...

ooooh i want! where did you get it?

Julio Cesar said...

It's available on iTunes, haven't seen an actual copy in stores anywhere.