Monday, February 2, 2009

Drawn To Fashion

I came across the artwork of Cocopit while flipping through an issue of Bon Magazine. I was struck with the delicate lines, the muted color palette, and the attention to detail. You can actually recognize the famous faces of top models in Coco's work. Jessica Stam, Agyness Deyn, Tanya Dziahileva and Coco Rocha are all delicately rendered in pencil and ink.

"I find inspiration in a wide variety of places. Living between Paris and London I feel at ease with the visual landscapes of both cities. As art and fashion capitals, they are a byword for innovation, creativity and metropolitan edge.

I tend to start my work by experimenting with old-school processes such as painting, drawing and ceramics, before designing the final image digitally.

I like to mix several techniques but aim for restraint and minimalism in the finished work as I like the results achieved from combining these two approaches."

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Michael said...

Love the last one you posted. Coco and Jessica are instantly recognizable.

Branden said...

fantastic art.