Friday, February 6, 2009

GaGa Unplugged

We all know Lady GaGa as a disco diva, producing polished dance hits drenched in electro & synths. But underneath the glitter and gloss, she’s equally amazing. With the recent release of The Cherrytree Sessions EP, GaGa shows us what she’s got. As much as I love her glitzy pop gems, I like seeing this different side of her too. One of my favorite Lady GaGa songs is an unreleased demo called “No Floods.” It’s a stripped down song, where Miss GaGa’s voice and piano take center stage. Have a listen.

Download: No Floods

"Poker Face" Live @ The Cherry Tree House


Michael said...

Ah, I'm just not a fan of her name. Fucking goo-goo, ga-ga.