Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bring Ya To The Brink

The legendary Cyndi Lauper returned last year with the release of ‘Bring Ya To the Brink’. Working with artists and producers like Basement Jaxx, Kleerup, Dragonette, and The Scumfrog, the result is one of Cyndi’s strongest albums to date. Full of pop hooks, 80’s-inspired synths, soaring vocals and a dollop of disco, this is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2008. Standout tracks include the club hit ‘Into The Nightlife’, the Kleerup produced ‘Lay Me Down’, as well as ‘Set Your Heart’, ‘Echo’, and ‘Grab A Hold’. Although the album did not receive much promotion or radio play, it truly is a gem and makes the cut as one of my favourite albums ever. Check it out on iTunes or at your local record store, it’s well worth a listen.


Into The Nightlife (Soul Seekerz Radio Mix)
Lay Me Down
Rain On Me


Branden said...

so how was your house party / fashion show? (whatever :P)

Julio Cesar said...

It was great! They had everything - art, films, bands, DJs... and everyone was dressed amazing. It was a whole lot of fun!