Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guerilla Fashion with Elle Muliarchyk

One girl. One camera. Invading the world's most exclusive boutiques, stealing a moment in time. Elle Muliarchyk is a Belarusian model/artist that has been producing amazing photographs for the past few years. She goes into the world's most expensive stores with her camera, tripod, and various props hidden in her bag. She then transforms the changing room into her own set, snapping photos before suspicious salespeople come to check in on her. She's been caught several times, even arrested, but for Elle, stealing the soul of the clothes is worth it. Most recently, she's caught the attention of English designer Bella Freud, and the two have collaborated on a series of photos.

For Elle's complete portfolio, check out her website.

Also check out:

Elle on Fashion Television

Elle & Bella Freud on Fashion Television


adumbum said...

HA. That is such a great idea for fashion shots.

Michael said...

That is a cool idea. Loving the last photo you posted!

KimLeeStar said...

ooooh wow!!!!! seriously???


Julio Cesar said...

I love her work, it's very inspiring. Her entire Dressing Room Photo series is on her website. She has some gorgeous, gorgeous photographs.

Branden said...

that second picture is dangerous. i want to run my hand down her back.

marina said...

Funny - is also her modeling (2nd on the left) in Last Supper Marithe +Francois Girbaud campaign at the header of your blog!