Monday, March 16, 2009

Retail Therapy

I dipped into my fashion budget over the weekend and bought a few new pieces for the upcoming Factory Party. I found some pretty great pieces and some sweet deals. :)

Brooch (left) by Smyth and Kang. Heart-shaped brooch by Junkstar Vintage.

Sunglasses by Purr.

Keyring by Lacoste.

Blazer from Zara.


Michael said...

Loved it. We will have to go again soon. Check out Banana Republic. The women's section has some killer brooches. The day after I saw you I bought a trench from there :D

Julio Cesar said...

Oh, that's awesome! Glad you finally found a trench, we went everywhere searching for one. I'm still jealous of that amazing jacket you got! So fab.

Michael said...

Ha, even RD people commented on it today. I was like, "DO NOT TOUCH ME!"

KimLeeStar said...


LMAO! @ Michael's comment! "DO NOT TOUCH ME!!!" LOL

Boy they better recognize!!

prettyneons said...

Hello's...just though I'd pop on by to say I loves your frigging blog and I'm hooked on it...yet for some unknown reason never leave a 'ickle comment. So here it is!
Anywho's wow, I want that heart brooch... so shiny ooh
PeAcE & bOwS...