Friday, March 20, 2009

New Patrick Wolf Album - "The Bachelor"

Patrick began work on his next album "The Bachelor" immediately after The Magic Position tour ended. Originally conceived as a political album in an official Myspace blog, it has since been revealed that Patrick entered a period of depression during the tour, and began to focus his songwriting for the next album on this. However, before entering the studio, Patrick fell in love, changing the direction of the album and eventually having enough material for two releases. On December 10, 2008, Wolf announced to NME his plan to sell £10 shares of his new album "The Bachelor" on Wolf told NME, “Basically, you can invest in the finishing of the album and the production of it, and you get a share in the album. So you almost become part of the record company, like a co-owner of the album.”

In his advocation of liberal music, Wolf parted ways with Universal records and in an act of removing the hierarchy between the musician and the audience, joined The website is currently advertising numerous independant artists and previewing their material in order to gain attraction from prospective investors. A 7 minute preview of "The Bachelor" is currently available on the website, containing all new material, revealing several of the new album's titles. The track 'Theseus' features the actress Tilda Swinton. The previewed tracks are the following; 'Battle', 'Vulture', 'Theseus', 'Hard Times', 'Who Will?', 'The Sun Is Often Out', 'Damaris', 'Together'. The album is due out June 1, 2009.


Patrick Wolf - "Vulture" Offical Video. *Contains mature content.


Michael said...

Is that Tilda Swinton????

Julio Cesar said...

Yes, she sings on one of the songs!

E.S.Kinny said...

he's really AMAZING!

ClaireMcNair said...

OMG hes so amazing!!! I have been waiting for a new PW album for it seems like forever. I can't wait!!