Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring so far has been so much fun. I went to see DJ Spider, I got my art shown at Artlife Gallery, I was in the Factory Party advert, and Factory Party #5 was nothing short of amazing. My friends and I are going to Steve Aoki this Sunday, and then Thunderheist, and then No Doubt for my birthday. I live fabulously and I love my friends. :)

Photos courtesy of: Tyler Stalman, Elaine, and Christina. Thank you!


Michael said...

Mmmmm, the fab and the furious.

prettyneons said...

hello's how brill. So glad spring is here too. At long last eh?
Peace & Bows...

Branden said...

oh lord, and i thought i overdressed when going out!

michael, come visit austin. i'm sure you'll like it, (or hate it)